The PhlegmMaster 3000

So, am trecut de la sase feluri de pastile la cinci, dar asta doar pt ca am inlocuit doua feluri cu un alt fel, am baut mai mult ceai azi decat ianuarie si februarie la un loc, folosit mai multe servetele decat in tot anul 2008 si lacrimat mai mult decat in toata viata. Nu e centimetru de piele sa nu doara, nu pot sa dorm in nici o pozitie, de atata tuse nu mai simt nimic pe dinauntru (decat o senzatie de glaspapir undeva sub omusor) si merg aplecat ca un mos de optzeci de ani. Am descoperit ca pot atinge niste note necrezut de joase – in medie vocea mea a coborat doua octave. My eyes hurt when I suddenly move them (and when subjected to non-black light). I have upgraded my throat to The PhlegmMaster 3000 which continuously spawns a thousand of little Phlegmoids per second which eventually materialize in yummy PhlegmCocktails. I don’t care who’s reading and whether you like it or not, unless you are terminally ill, I hate you. Take me now, lord. Btw, F, this is all your fault.

P.S. This is as close as I’ll ever get to labour pains (and complains).


One Response to The PhlegmMaster 3000

  1. WeeGee says:

    Fuck, maaan… I’m sorry. No pun intended, dar trebuie lucrat un pic la… “masa musculara” si la imunitate (and I know the…general feeling. I think), daca dupa seara aia te-ai mucificat in halul asta. Baga tare antibiotice daca e asa nashpa, nu incerca doar cu aspirine si ceaiuri. Zic si eu, in general asa… ca nu sunt vreun priceput in domeniu (take some Robitussin 🙂 ). Bafta si sper sa nu ajungi la PhlegmMaster 5000.

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