I mean, isn’t it odd—how you can buy a lap dance,
phone sex, or blowjob in a snap, but can’t

pay a person a dollar to just sit next to you
on a park bench and simply hold your hand?

Jeffrey McDaniel

The human psyche never ceases to amaze me. People that seem so strong, yet are so vulnerable. Impenetrable gods dethroned in one swift second of utter collapse. A few days ago I have lost my third ever (and I plan to be final) idol. Ah, the everclassic mistake of forgetting that people are human. New facets of people, previously undiscovered, complete the picture. Make it 3D, 4D.

Actually I believe in original sin myself. Some of my ‘sins’ have been very original. If you are going to sin, make it original, that’s what I say.

David Icke

It’s a neverending uphill struggle. Not battle, struggle. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to encompass Everything. 24 hours a day are just not enough anymore.

Am primit o leapsa de la X acum vreo luna. http://xelomon.wordpress.com/2009/06/04/leapsa-scop-in-viata-steve-pavlina/ – furati-o cu incredere.

N-am amanat-o, doar refuz sa raspund la ea. Unu, nu-mi plac lepsele (asta o fi pluralul ? o fi avand macar plural ?) pentru ca le percep ca pe un fel de obligatie. Doi, interesanta ideea, dar superficiala pentru mine. Pleaca de la premiza incompleta ca as avea un singur scop unic si absolut in viata. Pleaca de la premiza gresita ca m-am nascut cu el si ca e nemodificabil in timp. Pleaca de la premiza gresita ca pot plange. Pot, dar nu de la asa ceva.  Acum nu vreau sa ma concentrez la a pune in cuvinte scopul meu in viata, ci doar asupra drumului nesfarsit inspre el. Poate sa raspund la leapsa pe patul de moarte – atunci voi avea si detalii despre ce misto a fost. Dar sa insir sute de expresii pentru a gasi “formularea ideala” a scopului ? Prefer sa traiesc.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


6 Responses to 42

  1. d.orin says:

    Viata nu are nimic altceva ca scop decat sa fie traita.
    N-as putea fi mai mult de acord cu tine in privinta asta.

  2. WeeGee says:

    Incerc sa dibuiesc algoritmul si sa vad ce nume-numar va avea urmatorul tau post 😛 … dar nu imi iese inca. In alta ordine de idei, faine citatele… iar tanti Sia canta foarte bine!

    PS: Nu stiam ca ai prieteni noi 😆

  3. arheus says:

    No algorithm, just coincidence. 161 has meaning only to me. Cat despre 42, daca nu ti se aprinde nici un beculet, read some more SF 🙂

  4. d.orin says:

    desi eu prefer:
    “In the TV show Lost, 42 is the last of the mysterious numbers, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. In an interview with Lostpedia, producer David Fury confirmed this was a reference to Hitchhiker’s.”


  5. xelomon says:

    42=(7-1)*7 🙂
    de fapt, 42 e un 666 rasturnat 😛

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