VMA la cald

Just got around to watching this year’s VMAs. Haven’t done it in a while. I kinda drifted away (to the point of staying away) from mainstream music, so, yeah, so I didn’t know who Taylor Swift was or shit like that. Anyway.

VMAs have always been about the show, the spectacle, the entertainment value. Each year, bigger than last year, louder, more glamorous, more flamboyant, more flashy, more outrageous. If you want a show, this is the show to see. Nu ma omor dupa partea cu premiile, nu stiu pe ce criterii sunt facute nomalizarile sau cine castiga, dar spectacolul in sine merita vazut. I loved the performances by Muse (they did Uprising :D), Green Day and…

Well, I like when I’m proven wrong. As I was saying, I always assume that MTV overnight stars have no actual talent/skills and are just fabricated pop products. Fara sa stiu prea multe despre ea, m-am tot luat de Lady Gaga, saying she’s ugly and shit (indeed am vazut niste poze cu ea nemachiata si nearanajata, i still say she looked like crap) dar cand e super-aranjata, you know, the kind only Hollywood can provide, she can be cute. (Ok, she’s cute, she just ain’t my kind of cute, ca sa zic asa.) Dar asta nu anuleaza restul… her perfomance at the VMAs this year was amazing. The whole chandelier falling on her, the bleeding, the hanging in the air by hear hand… cand incepe sangerarea she actually looks demented, zici ca a intrat in sevraj. She’s outrageous, she’s over the top, she’s crazy, I like her 😀 And the coreography fits perfectly with the song, which is written from the perspective of an OCD stalker 😛 As far as performances go, this particular performance seriously rased the bar for spectacle period. (Btw, I read that she also does serious songwriting, so apparently she’s not 100% mainstream pop product.)  Here’s the clip :

Vodpod videos no longer available.

P.S. Alicia Keys still rules. They saved her for last so they saved the best for last. Bate la fund toate gagicile care au urcat pe scena la orice capitol, looks, beauty, voice, playing skills, you name it.


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