Pillow Talk

Good day students. Today we are gonna study pillow talk in three easy lessons. It ain’t what you’d expect 😀 Let’s get to it, shall we ?

Lesson 1. Combinatorial Pillow Talk

Read it carefully, all the way. I’ve done the math too, it’s accurate – i would go with the n!/(n-k)! variant though.

Combinatorial Pillow Talk

Lesson 2. Null Set Pillow Talk

Incredible! A woman (almost) speaking the truth!

Oh… nothing.

Lesson 3. Topological Pillow Talk

Very important lessons for guys, some of you might find this one very useful!

…in bed.

Yes, I am an eternal nerd. Yes, I get every single one of the above-stated jokes. Yes, most of you won’t find them funny. Yes, I love Brown Sharpie. Yes, I know you’re still laughing at that last one, F., I put it in just for you.


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