Plug into your hard-wired happiness

March 12, 2010

Passion exists inside you, it does not exist in the job. And if you don’t find a way to ignite it within you right where you are you are not going to find it outside. But if you do find a way to ignite it where you are you then will find that the external world rearranges itself to accomodate the new person that you are becoming. And as you do that you’ll find that miracles happen on a regular basis: persons come up that you’re delighted to meet, new people enter your life, it is just a breeze. Because all you do in your life is take journeys.

Srikumar S. Rao

In general sunt reticent fata de conferinte, articole, carti, aproape orice care trateaza subiectul “happiness” – it’s a touchy subject, foarte relativ de la om la om, iar dupa doi ani de amateur shrink pentru F it’s a veeeeeery touchy subject. Joke aside, am dat pe peste una dintre cele mai bune conferinte ever pe care le-am vazut, si desi la inceput ascultam cam cu juma’ de ureche, pe parcurs m-a prins din ce in ce mai mult iar la final am ajuns sa dau replay sa ascult unele bucati mai bine. In termeni simpli, in cuvinte frumoase si prin exemple accesibile tuturor, domnul Srikumar S. Rao defineste “happiness” ca fiind the ultimate purpose al fiecarui om (am mai intalnit si cuvantul fullfillment folosit in acelasi scop, conteaza de fapt conceptul din spatele cuvantului, fac aceasta precizare pentru ca jumatate dintre comentatorii de pe se agata exact de aceasta idee, ca de ce happiness ar fi scopul final, ca pentru unii nu e – cuvantul poate fi intr-adevar derutant) si apoi discuta despre ceea ce presupunem legat de obtinerea fericirii si despre o alternativa in mentalitate. 20 de minute de calitate, un discurs care merita sincer vazut de toata lumea.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

P.S. Nu discut despre utilitatea celor propuse de dl. Rao – utilitate in the big scheme of things – fericirea nu e acelasi lucru cu succesul; unhappiness makes us work harder, and strive for things; concentrating on a purpose gives us a direction and a goal; cred ca solutia se gaseste undeva la mijloc – HAVE a purpose, have a goal, but FOCUS on the journey, not on the purpose itself – asa cum foarte frumos zice dl. Rao, “Invest in the proces, not in the outcome.”

Everybody Hurts

February 10, 2010

People assume their ignorance and insensitivity will make them seem “cool” and “badass” but really it makes them look foolish, so all you have to do is stop feeding their ego by commenting about how disrepectful they are because all these hatemongers will do is feed off of the attention.


E un comentariu din multele de la clipul de mai jos. L-am postat pentru ca in mintea mea are o tinta foarte precisa, una din persoanele pe care pana de curand le consideram foarte apropiate. Atat. Enjoy the video.

20 years later

December 24, 2009

Pentru cat potential si talent avem ? Da, aici se nasc oamenii astia… a, pentru a-l pune in valoare! Nu, nu ne-am nascut in locul potrivit.
Dar nu-i nimic.

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Intre Revolutie si Craciun

December 24, 2009

Inca nu i-ati raspuns, nenorocitilor. Pentru cine se moare in zadar ?

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Christ father, is the meaning of my life to kill all Muslims?

December 23, 2009

Asa se intituleaza un articol descoperit pe a while ago si pe care l-am marcat special sa-l pun pe blog one day. And as the end of the year is a time for thinking and reflection, I thought it fits. It’s long, it’s pretty deep, but it’s worth reading. Actually i think it’s a must-read. You can find it here.


December 23, 2009

Scris vara. Trist, e la fel de valabil acum, juma de an mai tarziu. Articol de pe, scris de CTP. Read here.


September 24, 2009

Ma bucur sa remarc ca au inceput si dintre vedete sa rasara cateva care vorbesc impotriva sistemului. First there was Charlie Sheen, with his “Twenty Minutes With The President” message to Obama regarding 9/11. I love what he’s done, I love the fact that the whole thing is very well documented, I love the courage to stand up and stand out (and I love the fact that he’s still hilarious in Two and a Half Men – season 7 just started! :D). Now I find Jim Corr with this delightful interview on (and against) The Lisbon Treaty. And btw, KUDOS to the Irish for still fighting against it. Don’t give up.

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious!